How We Work

In 1987 Paul Tyne and Simon Oliver founded a small company building and refurbishing properties in Tottenham. Thirty years later Paul Simon Homes are still here and working harder than ever; but not just in Tottenham. Today we are creating new homes all across London and the rest of the UK. We are proud of our products and have created an exciting portfolio that includes luxury homes, student accommodation, care homes and even overseas rentals.

This means we can help you find your perfect property regardless of budget. Our homes range from the affordable to the affluent.

Looking to rent? We can help you too. Our high-quality products mean we can always get you where you want to be at the right price without compromising on  design or finish.

Whether you’re after place to rent; a first-time buyer; or looking for a large house, we will get you moving.

What We’re About

The scale of our company may have grown, but our values are the same as when we started: it always comes back to understanding you, and your lifestyle.

Paul and Simon are still actively involved in every part of the business, from literally getting on their bikes to attend site meetings; to guaranteeing care, quality and attention to detail throughout all their developments. This includes choosing the best quality materials for all our projects and backing that with a maintenance program provided by our  after sales services.

We build relationships with estate agents we trust and manage all our own rental properties which ensures that all issues can be quickly and effectively dealt with.

Our vision has always looked to the future, we see the bigger picture and build on it. We’ve transformed areas from rubble to regeneration, encouraging people to look at new neighbourhoods and create growing communities.

Committing to, and continuing to deliver quality services in all aspects of our business is how we’ve built and retained trust with our customers over the years.

What We Love

We love making things easier for you. Finding the right place is stressful, everyone knows that. We want to take the hassle out of property hunting, and help you find the perfect home without going all around the houses.

But it’s not just about that. Paul Simon Homes are always looking ahead.  Not content with adding to the list to postcodes we operate in, we’re industry leaders in design and build, as our many awards attest to.

We love technology and sustainable, eco-friendly design and we work with top architects and suppliers to incorporate cutting edge green features including grass roofs and ever more efficient heating and cooling systems.

Our award winning developments speak for themselves, but most of all, we love creating the sort of homes that you’ll love living in now, and for years to come.

If you are looking to purchase or rent we can help you, just get in touch.