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Decided on Style the old Coliseum cinema was famous in North London. So frequently did the locals visit they probably thought they might as well have lived there. Well now you can. The Cinema has been replaced by a landmark building which certainly does justice to this important site. But impressive as it is on the outside, its the interiors which make this such a great place to live. Each apartment is designed to take full advantage of a heady mix of light and space. Decide on Value Don’t shout too loudly – yet. This part of North London is a rather well kept secret. Bordered by Islington, Stoke Newington and Crouch End. Harringay offers all the vitality of its neighbours without the high price tags. This makes the area ideal for first time buyers and those requiring a solid investment property to provide high returns. Decide on convenience. Most professionals choose Harringay for its superb transport facilities. The area is peppered with tube stations. Turnpike Lane, Manor House or Finsbury Park – take your pick, they’re all close at hand and it’s just a few stops to Kings Cross. If you prefer life at the top then Harringay has two overland stations and multiple bus routes, including all night services from the West End. Decide on Fun Few areas, if any in London are truly 24/7. But this corner of the Capital is truly 20/7. There is a bewildering choice of restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes. In addition, there is a unique selection of grocery shops and bakeries. For serious shoppers, Wood Green Shopping City is a paradise, and for some real fresh air try the 1,000 acres provided by Alexandra palace and Finsbury Park



Harringay is a residential area in the London Borough of Haringey in north London, in the United Kingdom. It is centred on the section of Green Lanes running between the New River, where it crosses Green Lanes by Finsbury Park, and Duckett's Common, near Turnpike Lane.

Harringay's main shopping street, Green Lanes, is a busy, cosmopolitan high street. Some shops have a long established presence, like Disney's furniture store, which has traded there since 1913. Others reflect the more cosmopolitan nature of Green Lanes and include a large number of Kurdish & Turkish bakeries, grocers, cafes and a growing cluster of restaurants. There are several pubs including the Grade II listed and Pevsner noted Salisbury. Part of the 1980 film The Long Good Friday and the 1992 biopic of Charlie Chaplin. were shot there.

One of the residential streets on the Harringay Ladder, looking due east.
Towards the southern end stands the well-preserved, Victoriana-laden Beaconsfield public house. Opposite is the Arena Shopping Park with a handful of national multiples outlets, a Sainsbury's supermarket, and one of Britain's first "drive-thru" McDonald's restaurants.

A large section of the eastern side of Green Lanes is called Grand Parade. Interrupted only by the gaps introduced by the residential roads running eastwards, Grand Parade runs for nearly half a kilometre from just north of Harringay Green Lanes railway station to St Ann's Road.

Whilst the main road feels definitely cosmopolitan, the population of the surrounding streets is somewhat more homogeneous (See Demographics section.). The streets to the west of Green Lanes are known as the 'Harringay Ladder' (due to their similarity to a ladder when seen on a map). The streets to the east behind Grand Parade are known as 'The Gardens'. To the south of 'The Gardens' and Sainsbury's is Harringay's 'Warehouse District'; to the north is 'Woodlands Park'.

1 Mins Walk (29,141,N29)

7 Mins Walk (Turnpike Lane)

5 Mins Walk ( Harringay Green Lanes)


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